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10 July: Doubt & Indecision Zine Making Workshop

Don't miss this one-off chance to participate in the surreal and thought-provoking democratic experiments of visiting artist Matthias Conrady. In 2 hours we will collectively edit and produce our own zine, using invented systems for group decision-making, deliberation and doubt.

Update: see workshop images & writeup

Wed 3 July: Zine Making Workshop

Join us in V2_ at 2pm on Wednesday 3 July, to experiment with a variety of democratic systems and produce the next three editions of The Beginners Guide to Consent.

Open Call: The Beginners Guide to Consent

The Beginners Guide to Consent is a zine on consent, consensus and collaboration. Deadline 17 June 2013.

Text (max 150 words) & image submissions are welcomed in response to these questions or related topics:

  • What is missing from current definitions of consent?
  • How can agreement be produced or engineered? What about doubt?
  • How does sexual consent relate to democratic decision-making?
  • Beyond "yes means yes": what would a radical theory of consent look like?

Submissions will be exhibited at News From Nowhere at V2 Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam during July 2013. They will be democratically edited into a series of print editions during workshops at the exhibition, and published online.