6 July: A Conversation on Feminist Consent, Collaboration and Consensus

Free Entry. 2-6pm @ V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam.

Join us for an afternoon of discussion on the connections between horizontal collaboration, feminist consent and the notion of consensus. With presentations from artists and activists working at the intersections of collaborative art, democracy and sexual consent.

This discussion event takes place alongside a series of workshops, in the context of Consentsus, an open research project into critical feminist theories of consent. Through interviews, workshops and events, Consentsus explores the questions:

  • What is missing from current definitions of consent? How is consent produced and manipulated?
  • Beyond "yes means yes", what would a radical theory of consent look like?
  • (How) could a feminist critique of consent be applied to other types of collaboration and decision-making?

Update: see event highlights